InvestNow Clubs


The mission of InvestNow Clubs is to expose historically disadvantaged and low-income students to real world investing, by investing real money in the stock market, hosting guest speakers, providing investment related books and offering mentorship opportunities. High schools can use InvestNow curriculum to bring and and InvestNow Club at their school.

Lesson plans

Provide lesson plans to start investment clubs at schools.


Donate investment and business-related books to classrooms

Lessons in Leadership speaker series

Host national and local business leaders to speak about their career, what it take to be a leader and the importance of investing at a young age

Personalized Instructions

Provide personalized instructions on investment club sessions

Learn Trading

Learn how to set up trading account


Offer mentorship between local business leaders and students in the clubs


InvestNow Clubs works to expand financial literacy education by establishing investment clubs in lower-income communities. Currently in four schools with over 150 high school members, we provide the clubs with the funding to invest real money in the stock market (each club is given a minimum of $500 to invest), offer mentorship opportunities to students and host national and local business leaders through our Lessons in Leadership speaker series. InvestNow provides lesson plans to the schools and students with an InvestNow Clubs.

Our programming impacts not only high school students, but also middle school students and older community members. We host summer sessions on financial literacy for middle school students. Students learn about the power of investing at a young age and being aware of their spending habits. InvestNow Clubs is partnered with a Saint Louis McDonald’s franchisee to host financial well-being seminars for their employees. Employees work together to stick to their financial goals and create a budget in Excel.