InvestNow Clubs


My name is Dani Wasserman, and I am the founder of InvestNow Clubs. I am a senior at University City High School in Saint Louis, Missouri. I have been interested in business and investments from a young age and am passionated about expanding financial literacy knowledge to communities to reduce income inequality. In 7th grade, I entered into a local youth business competition where my sister and I founded a business which specialized in making hand-made hair accessories for kids. Placing second out of 20, this experience enriched my love for business.

During my freshman year of high school, classes were entirely virtual. I was able to get creative as to how I could expand investment knowledge. As a result, I founded the inaugural InvestNow Club and over 20 students signed up. Some of the activities of the club include hosting guest speakers, creating presentations, aligning mentors with mentees, participating in the Stock Market Game, and investing real money into equities and funds so students have “skin in the game.” The lesson plans are intended to provide a thorough and clear understanding of investments and greatly deepen the financial literacy of members so that they can take their knowledge back to their families and communities. In addition to running InvestNow Clubs, I work in McDonald's drive through and play piano and tennis.